About Kirkholme Collectables

Kirkholme Collectables was established in 1985 by Mike & Heather Smith. We have developed a business supplying exclusive designs for individual outlets, promotions, charities, churches, civic gifts, commemoratives etc. We have built up a diverse customer base, including councils, charities as well as individuals.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith, partner

Mike Smith started training in pottery at Hornsea Pottery in 1962, working up to Production Director before leaving in 1988 to join his wife in their own business Kirkholme Crafts, later to become Kirkholme Collectables. The business was set up to supply high quality English bone china products exclusively designed for individual outlets in low volumes at competitive prices. The fact that most of the outlets supplied have been regular customers for 10 – 15 years is a testament to the service and quality supplied by Kirkholme Collectables.

Heather Smith

Heather Smith, partner

Heather Smith also started working for Hornsea Pottery, where she met Mike. Heather was a sprayer, hand spraying the colours on the Fauna range, she left to go into caring, for both children and the elderly in 1969. She started Kirkholme Collectables with a friend as a hobby in 1986 and Mike joined her in 1988 at which time she left her other employment to go into the business full time. Since when the business has been developed into the respected supplier it is now.

Enid Parker, artist

Enid Parker, freelance artist

Enid Parker has been working with Kirkholme Collectables since 1999 supplying exclusive designs for customers all over the United Kingdom. She trained at Nottingham College of art and obtained her National Design Diploma in painting and weaving. She lives locally in the village of Brandesburton where Kirkholme Collectables factory is situated.


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Colour Matching

Colour matching can not be guaranteed as this is a digital process designed to supply china in full colour designs at a reasonable price. If you want accurate colour matching please contact us. Thank you.