What Is Fine Bone China?

Bone China is made with a minimum of 25% bone ash, which gives it a slightly more translucent appearance. Hold a piece of bone china up to a light with your fingers between the two, and you will be able to see your fingers through it. The manufacturing process is more labour intensive than for standard porcelain, so it costs a bit more.

We do not manufacture the bone china in-house, we buy in high grade English fine bone china manufactured here in the UK. We specialise in the artwork design and printing of your design on to a range of china shapes.

If you haven't already done so, go and play with our online design shop. It's great fun, and if you like your design, you can order it straight away with you paypal account. Currently, the design shop allows you to design your own personalized cups, with other shapes coming soon. Remember, though, you can always or post us your pictures or designs, and we can put it on any of the shapes that we offer.

We also sell a number of commemorative plates and fun beakers.

There is an interesting video on how bone china is made at how stuff works.com. Although we supply only English fine bone china, manufactured here in the UK, this article explains the process as well as any.


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Colour Matching

Colour matching can not be guaranteed as this is a digital process designed to supply china in full colour designs at a reasonable price. If you want accurate colour matching please contact us. Thank you.